“Rise of the Savior”, Nolena Ard

A prophecy made by a great wizard:

Drei Mädchen, die Kraft der Elemente geboren, wird kommen, um zu sein.

Sie werden eine große Herausforderung zu stellen und nur eine gelingen wird.

Die zwischen ihnen aufgeteilt Mächte kommen, um mit einem zu sein,

und sie wird der Retter des Königreichs Mirivian sein.[1]


“Why won’t you let me fight with you, big sister? You know I am the best with a sword in the country. I can do it, I can help win this war!”

We both knew that was a lie. She was the best, but I needed to be on that. She was far superior with a sword, but I was stealthy, cunning, and the best at hand-to-hand combat. My older sister would not listen to a word I say; she wouldn’t budge on her decision. I hated when she wouldn’t listen to reason.

“I am sorry Acara, but no means no. I am the eldest, the head of our army, and now the queen of our country, so please do not argue with me.”

Ariella always hated that she would be queen someday, and now she was abusing the power of being queen. I was not going to let her tell me what I could and couldn’t do. Pride is clouding her judgment.

“So what if you’re all those things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we defeat the enemy, and I can help. LET ME HELP, ARIELLA!”

My sister stared down at me from her height of five feet and eight inches, as if I were a little child, or nothing more than a nuisance; just like how my father and mother used to look at me – the black sheep of the family, the disgrace. I had never seen Ariella look at me like that. She’d changed, and I did not like it.

Her piercing ice-blue eyes became colder and colder with each second of silence that built between the two of us. She has become so distant and icy; I was surprised I have not been frozen solid from her glare. Her armor, in contrast, a beautiful combination of gold, red, and brilliant orange, glistened as the sun rose in the sky; the first rays coming through the window. Her sword, the family heirloom, Titania, strapped to her side in its fantastically decorated sheath, and the family’s crest, the crescent moon formed inside the sun, and enclosed in a bright eight point star, placed right in the middle of her chest. A warrior stood before me, not my sister.

“Stop fighting, you two. This has been non-stop since the funeral. I am tired of it.”

Ariella and I both turned to our youngest sister, Anniqua. This outburst from her was sudden and unexpected. She never got angry, no matter what the circumstance. I guess because all that had happened in the last week has made our family fall apart. Our parents’ deaths, the war that our father started; it’s all bearing down on us, but more than anyone, Ariella.

“I am done with this conversation. It is time that this useless war came to an end.”

Ariella got up and started to walk to the bedroom door; her long golden hair that was tied up high into a ponytail swayed as she moved. I ran over to the door and stood in her way.

“We are not finished, Arie. I won’t let you pass until I get the answer I want.”

Ariella again looked down at me, this time her eyes blazing like blue flames. Her patience was wearing thin, but I was not going to back down.

“Cara, move.”

That one command was so powerful, but I still was not going let her pass. I could hear her fists clenching tight, her teeth grinding with frustration.

“I will not say it again. If you play with fire, you will get burned.”

My eyes opened in surprise, and my mouth opened in a semi-gape. She just… threatened me. I could already feel the heat coming off of Ariella. Her anger was about to explode, and I was going to be its victim. Suddenly, Anniqua jumped in between us and pulled me out of the way.

“No more. Cara, stop being so hard-headed and listen to our Königin[2].”

I looked down into the misty, grey eyes of my little sister. I knew from the look on her face she was about to cry. She knew I saw that her eyes were starting to tear up, so she hid her face behind her free-flowing, midnight black hair. She made herself shrink smaller than her actual height of five feet and four inches, making her seem way younger than fourteen years old.

At that moment, while Anni distracted me, Ariella took the opportunity to push me aside, open the door, and leave the room. I tried to reach out and stop her, but the door was already starting to close in front of me. My blood boiling, I turned back to Anniqua.

“Why did you stop me? I have to be out there, not stuck here, like a damsel in distress. I am a warrior.”

Anniqua looked up at me, her eyes pleading for me to calm down.

Those eyes; just like our mother’s. I took a breath and tried to settle down, but the thought of letting Ariella go was lingering there in my mind. I looked down at Anniqua, who still was giving me her best cutesy-baby eyes, and I could do nothing but sigh. Relaxing my shoulders to let Anni know I calmed down, I gave her a small smile. A big goofy grin broke out across her face, and she dragged me to her bed, where she forced me to sit down.

Her bedroom, decorated in her favorite shades of elegant purple, was where Ariella and I ended up while we were fighting. Anni was the calm one between the three of us, and when Arie and I fight, our legs somehow always leads us to her room. Art supplies and musical lyric sheets were scattered about the floor. Her reflection glass, standing tall next to her closet door, made some of the sun’s rays that were coming through the open curtains dance along her walls. Anniqua’s best works, beautiful sceneries of the castle during the four different seasons, were hanging on the walls of her room, and her precious instruments were piled in a corner of the room, next to the balcony where one could see out toward the meadow.

The sun was halfway exposed from behind the earth, painting the sky with many different colors. But there was no time to relish its beauty.

As I sat down, she started to bustle around her room pacing and pretending to clean up, completely ignoring me. I knew she had something to say, but it was like her to keep her mouth shut.

“What’s bothering you, Anni?”

She stopped in her tracks, and stood there like a statue. I could feel her emotions pouring out into the air around us, but I was not going to push her too much. I was going to let her tell me of her own accord.

A few minutes passed, and she finally cut the silence.

“Cara, will everything really be okay? I don’t want anyone else to die.”

She was just like mom, always thinking about others. Yeah, everyone but me. I stood up and closed the distance between us. I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around so she was facing me. She looked up at me with sad eyes, and I smirked. “Don’t worry, little sister, I promise everything will be fine. Trust me.”

Her face relaxed a little and she nodded. Anniqua was everything to me – the only one that didn’t see me some evil person to loathe, but as her sister who she loves. And for her sake, I was going to make sure everything was fine, no matter what.

I let her go and started to exit her room. Before I touched the handle of the door Anni stopped me.

“Will we ever be a family again, Cara?”

I halted in my tracks. I didn’t know how to answer. I couldn’t tell her what I really thought, that I was never part of this thing she called a family, so I nodded slightly. I turned the handle and pushed the door open, but before I left her, I turned back to her and gave her a smile, then quickly made my exit.


I was more than halfway to my room, when I past the royal heritage room. Here was where all of the royal family of Mirivian portraits were, tracing our bloodline all the way back to almost two hundred years of history. And at the closest place in the chamber, where one could see the portrait if they walked past, was my family. Our parents, Amora and Arkin Mirivian, stood behind the three of us in a decorative setting of red satin curtains. Our mother and Anniqua stood together. Mother’s hands were draped around Anni’s shoulders, their silver eyes and black hair beautifully flowing. Ariella stood with our father their blue eyes and blonde hair shining like the golden sun. The children that looked like their parents stood together, and I, the outsider, was placed in the middle. Even in the portrait, you could see the gap that my parents made, as if to protect my sisters and themselves from touching me. I looked nothing like my parents.

My hair, a mixture of an auburn and medium brown, was the first indicator of my difference. However, it was my eyes that made everyone hate me. My green eyes that made everyone believe that I was evil. That made everyone keep his or her distance from me and fear me. They make everyone that sees me, become my enemy. So in turn, I hate everyone. But my sisters were different; they really loved me. However, right now I was not sure if that is true anymore, at least with Ariella.

I shook my head to clear it of the useless thoughts swimming in it, and continued to head to my room. Then I heard voices coming toward me in the hall. I looked up to see some maids, and our eyes met. Their disgust was pasted all over their faces and their scorn could be felt piercing through me, as if they could kill me with it. They stopped their conversation as they passed by me, and as soon as they were behind me they began to talk again, but their conversation was now about me.

“Lord Arkin and Lady Amora should have just thrown her out to the Teufels Tisch like tradition says to do. Everyone tolerates the monster in their midst, but now the royal couple have died. I hope Lady Ariella listens to her people and gets rid of the vile beast.”

I stood there and took in all they said. I knew I was a monster, but never knew why they kept me here. Now I did. But I couldn’t think about that at the moment. I needed to go. No matter what, I was going to fight in this war, and no one can stop me.


A few hours had passed, and I knew that Ariella and the army were already on their way to the battlefield. I had just finished strapping my armor on and making sure I had my daggers, in their brown leather casings, at my sides. I looked back into my Spiegel, but did not recognize my reflection. I didn’t see me, but a soldier. My armor, a mishmash of greens and browns, made me look bulky compared to my actual stature. My hair, as always, was braided all the way down to my knees, to keep it out of my face. I looked like I was ready to fight in this war.

I turned away from my image, and began to walk to my balcony. My room, decorated in multiple shades of green, was brightened by the sun’s light. The sun’s rays ricocheted off the many weapons that were located around my room. Daggers, knives, and other various kinds of weapons constituted my horde. They were all I had. Fighting was the only thing I knew how to do.

I was about to push my balcony doors open when Anniqua came crashing into my room. Trying to ignore her presence in my room, I put my hand to the door. Anni hurried over to me and put a hand on my forearm. Before she could get a word out, I stopped her.

“I am going, no matter what “ihre Majestät[3]” says. This is a family issue, and I will not let her fight this on her own. Our father started this war, and his daughters, not just Ariella, will end it.”

Anni did not remove her hand.

“What should I do to help, Cara? How can I help you and Arie?”

My eyes opened wide as I turned my head toward my sister. Dressed in her elegant violet gown and her silver Tiara on her head, she looked nothing like a fighter. And she is not going to be one. She was always the lady of the family, gentle and kind, and never wanted to be involved in any kind of violence, and it was going to stay that way.

I looked down at her and was about to say no, but then I saw the look in her eyes. Her eyes held strength, the strength of a storm that was ready to begin. I knew I couldn’t say that she couldn’t help.

“Stay here and do everything in your power to protect the castle. That will give the two of us some peace of mind. I will also make a barrier around the castle, but it would be best to be safe than sorry, so I want you to make a layer of barrier as well. Do you understand?”

With a determined expression on her face, she nodded her head and ran out my room. I ran to my door and shouted at her.

“Go to the roof and wait for me there. After mine is set up, build yours.”

She threw her hand in the air as she turned around the corner to the stairs, letting me know she got it. I turned back into my room and pushed the doors open to my balcony. It was time to go. I concentrated, feeling the wind circle around me. When I felt I had enough power, I hurdled over the railing of the balcony into the air. My braid whipped behind me, and the wind roared in my ears as I began to fall. But my descent stopped as the wind surrounded me and gave me the power to fly.


I arrived at the boundary of the castle. I set myself gently on the ground in front of the giant wooden gate of Mirivian. I knew that the wall to the castle would not be enough to keep the enemy out, so and I placed my hand, palm down, onto the earth before it. With focus and my power, I made the earth shake and rise into the sky. The earth bended to my whim, and formed an enormous barricade of stone. It encircled the whole castle and reached so high, no land-bound creature could get past it. With this, I figured Anni and the castle should be safe as long as she added her layer to it.

As my Erde Barrier[4] finished forming, I saw ice begin to shape onto my wall. Anniqua, doing as I told her to do, created her Eisschild[5] to cover the areas that I could not with my Erde Barrier. Using the water she has the power to control in the atmosphere she could create ice to use as a weapon or a shield. She may not had physical strength, but Anni has good control of her powers.

When I could not hear the cracking of the forming ice anymore, I knew that the perfect defense was done. Anni would be safe, which was one less thing for me to worry about. With this, I turned around and called the winds to carry me away. I lifted off the ground, and with a mighty gust of wind, I shot off to the edge of the Magie Wald[6]. It was time to fight.


Soaring overhead, I could see all the carnage that had already taken place. The beautiful meadow below was covered in huge blotches of deep red, in contrast to the usual bright green of the grass. Creatures were continuously bursting from the bushes and trees of the Magie Wald. Corpses decorated the meadow, humans and creatures, normal and magical, alike slain. This war was against all the mystical creatures of the Magie Wald. The treaty between these two worlds, that was made all those years ago, was thrown to the wind in just one minute, and war was all that could be seen. All this could have been avoided. If only father had not gotten on that horse.


The Weltgerichtshof[7] was finally upon us. It was to be held in the courtroom of Mirivian Castle this time. All of the representatives of each of the Magie Wald Sippe[8] gathered to talk about problems and come up with solutions, so that the humans and the creatures could coexist. Peace had reigned for over two hundred years, and no one wanted to destroy that. No one wanted to go to war.

Father was about to mount his favorite white horse, Weiss[9]. He was going to go and meet the representatives at the entrance of the Magie Wald, as a good host should. All of the family was there to see him off; mother and Anniqua in their matching purple gowns, Ariella in her favorite crimson gown trimmed with gold, and me in my green tunic, brown pants, and black leather boot. Everyone was crowding him, wishing him a safe trip, even though he was not going to even be gone for long. I leaned up against one of the oak that was planted around the grounds with my arms crossed in front of my chest, watching them be a family. He kissed mother, hugged my sisters, and hoisted himself into the saddle. As he rode away, he waved to everyone, but gave me his usual cold stare, and that was when I took my leave from the area.


Mother and my sisters waited for him to come back with the Sippe[10], and prepared to greet our guests at the entrance. I sat on top of the castle wall, away from all of them, on the lookout for the group to arrive. But when I saw the band coming over the last hill toward the castle, they were in such a hurry that I knew something had gone wrong. Carried down back to ground level by the wind, I landed just in time to hear what had happened. Father’s horse had gotten spooked and threw him off, slamming his head into a rock. Father was rushed into the castle to be looked over, and my mother and sisters following after him, worry and panic filling their faces. Somehow I knew that this was just the beginning of a really bad day.

I questioned the soldiers that were with father about what happened, and the explained that wolf came out from the brush of the Wald and the horse got scared, throwing father off hard, and him hitting his head on a rock.

Father pushed all the frantic attendants away, saying over and over that he was fine. His face was a bit pale, but nothing else seemed to be wrong. He stood up from the chair he was seated in and rushed off to the courtroom with a crowd of people trailing behind him. It was time for the Weltgerichtshof to begin.

The Weltgerichtshof was in session. All of the representatives were sitting around a great table with father at the head. Ariella was standing on his right-hand side, to learn to be the next Herrscher Mirivian[11]. I was standing in one of the far corners of the room, as was my awful duty to listen to the old farts’ trivial chatter about stupid problems that were not even worth talking about. Every year the same talk. How boring.

But then, father started acting quite strange. He kept holding his head, blinking a lot, and sort of looking as if his mind was not there. I thought it was nothing but a headache from his mishap that only happened a few hours ago, and brushed it off. Then everything took a turn for the worse. Suddenly, father stood up from his seat, pushed Ariella aside, took Titania from its sheath at his side, and stabbed the representative for the Fee and Elfen[12] in the chest.

I jumped from my seat at the window seal and rushed to father who was now foaming from the mouth like a rabid dog. I detained my father from behind, knocking the sword out of his hand and tackling him down to the ground before he could kill anyone else. Ariella rushed out of the room and let in guards to help me control my raging mad father.

Later that night, father passed away.

Happy birthday to me.


If none of that happened, everything would have stayed normal. And if father hadn’t died, mother wouldn’t have taken her life out of sadness, and left Arie and Anni without parents. I would have continued to bear all the pain and scorn that was put on me, if only to keep my sisters happy and out of this war.


I finally caught up to the main battle, and saw Ariella slaying a Zyklopen[13] with her sword. With a great leap and an elegant downward slash, she cut the monster right in two. Her swordsmanship was just phenomenal. Another came at her from behind but Arie did not falter. Putting all her power into her right hand, a bright flame blazed and formed into a sphere. Throwing her hand toward the direction of the monster, she shot her Feuerball[14] and burned the enemy instantly into ash. Anything that touched her flames never survived the encounter.

She must have noticed my presence and looked up to the sky to see me flying over. Her expression was scary, so I didn’t want to land, but I couldn’t stay in the air forever. I landed a few feet away from her, but it seemed much closer. It had become quiet. There was no fighting around us for the time being. Before I could even say a word, Ariella came in front of me in a few sweeping steps, and hit me in the head hard.

“Why don’t you ever listen to me? I told you to stay in the castle with Anni. Now go back, and stay there!”

Her eyes seemed to burn me with her angered stare. Arie turned away from me, thinking that I would follow her command, and started to walk away, but I grabbed her and pulled her back toward me. She was not expecting it, so she stumbled a bit. With this chance, I balled up my fist and punched her harder than she had hit me. She was knocked off her feet and rolled a bit before stopped. She lay out on the ground for a few moments before she got back up to her feet, holding her already swollen cheek. She rubbed it a bit, swishing her tongue around in her mouth the cheek for broken teeth, and then looked at me. She was angry, but I was furious and fed up with everything. My rage overpowered hers, and in her face I saw a sign of fear of what I might do next. But I wasn’t going to back down from this, not this time and not anymore.

“I’m not going take it anymore. I am finally free from their malicious grasp, and now you want to control me. No way. I won’t listen; I won’t obey. I won’t be caged anymore. This is my chance to be free, and I won’t let you take it away from me!”

She stood in place, staring with confused eyes.

“What are you talking about, Acara? You’re not making any sense.”

Of course she didn’t know. My parents hid their disgust well. My sisters were oblivious to the fact that our parents despised me. They never saw, never heard, never knew the things that were done to me. The beatings, the abuse and the torment that I was put through; all because of my eyes. To them, I was nothing but a thing that could be used to protect them and their other daughters. A tool that could be used and thrown away as the king and queen saw fit. I was nothing but an abomination, a monster, the Teufel Hexe [15].

The Teufel Hexe, how that word has haunted me all my life. My green eyes marked me as this. A demon that is born every hundred years to only bring destruction, chaos and death to all those who are near. For fear of what might happen if they kill the Teufel Hexe, they are supposed to throw the child into the Magie Wald, where the creature would get rid of it. However, because I was a princess of the royal family, and my parents decreed that they were not going to destroy me but to train me and use me as a weapon for the kingdom, the citizens agreed and followed the command, but still hated me


Arie was about to pick up Titania that was lying at our feet when a Riesenschlange[16] grabbed her. It wrapped itself around Ariella and started to squeeze. Constricted and unable to breathe, Arie couldn’t fight back. In an instant, I pulled my daggers from my side as I ran toward the beast. I leapt up on its back and took off its head in one slice of my blade. Its head rolled and its body went limp. Its blood covered my sister and me, but we did not care. As she climbed out of the creatures hold, I turned around to face her and smirked.

“See. Told you that you needed me out here.”

She was about to retort, but was distracted by a great shadow passing over us. It was so massive that it seemed to cover the sun forever. We both looked up to see something we didn’t want to see. A Drachen[17] from the deepest part of the woods, where the mountains connected with the forest and where the caves were hidden, flew over us toward the castle, toward Anniqua.

“Oh shit.”

Ariella started to chase after it, but I knew that it was futile. I took to the air and tried to follow it back to the castle, but I was not fast enough.

The Drachen, with its indestructible hide, powerful jaws, and magnificent wings, was a creature that could not de defeated so easily. Ariella and I watched as the Drachen dived down and smashed its head into the wall of the Eisschild. The crash echoed throughout the entire kingdom. It shook its head, and took flight again, dove down once more, and broke through. The giant pieces of ice fell down onto the castle, and I couldn’t hold back a scream of defiance, as if that would stop the castle from crumbling from the barrage.

It all seemed as if it happened in slow motion. The castles towers falling over like toy blocks, and dust and debris clouding the scene. My mind couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. Mirivian castle was destroyed, and with Anniqua inside.


I felt I couldn’t breathe. My chest tightened with each passing moment. I felt it in my whole being that she was gone. There was no way for her to escape. Anniqua’s dead, and its all my fault. I dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, and tried to calm down, but it was no use. The one person that truly cared about me was dead, and I wasn’t there to protect her like I promised. With this, my heart shattered, but yet I couldn’t cry.

While in my stupor, I didn’t notice a Wolf come up behind me. Its dingy black fur was matted with blood, and its spiteful golden eyes were set on tearing out my throat. It pounced, but never made it to me. I awoke by its howl as Ariella sliced its body in half.

I turned around and saw my sister’s back to me, and the Wolf on the ground. She was breathing heavy, having run over to me to stop the attack.

“Arie? W- Why did you save me?”

She turned to face me. She let Titania drop to her side, and worked on controlling her breathing. Her eyes never left mine; they had no hesitation.

“Because you are my sister, idiot. What other reason would I have?”

She said… I’m her sister. I couldn’t say a word. After all this time, she thought of me as her sister, but never showed it. Or is she only saying this because Anni is gone?

As this thought came to me, Ari turned back toward the battlefield and looked upon her army. The creatures of the Magie Wald had nearly demolished all of her forces. The war was going to be over, and she was going to lose.

I got up to my feet, even though I was still a bit wobbly, and slowly walked over to my sister. I arrived at her side and looked upon all the death. Nothing but corpses piled and arranged around the Wiese, like marionette that were just thrown down after the act. My eyes scanned all around and then to my sister’s face.

Tears had begun to flow down the sides off her cheeks like two small rivers. I had never seen my sister cry before; I never believed she could. She was too strong to cry, but I guess I was wrong. I’m the only one that can’t cry.

“I was a fool Acara. A fool to believe that I could save this kingdom… that I could fit into father’s shoes and rule. And here… is the result of my ignorance.”

She started to laugh a bit, either at herself or the scene before us I did not know. I didn’t have time to ask. A dark shadow passed over us, and right away I knew what it was. The Drachen was back, and it was going to finish the job.


Just a bit away from the two of us, the Drachen landed, crushing the corpses that lay underneath him. Its dark red hide glistened in the bright sun with every move it made. Its blazing breath destroyed everything that was in its way. It turned toward us, took in a deep, powerful breath, and rained Hell upon us.

The fire enveloped us, but did not reach us. Ariella controlled fire; it was never going to touch us. With a wave of her hand, the flames dispersed. She grabbed Titania in her right hand, and slowly walked over to the Drachen. I stood back. I knew better than to interfere with this fight. The Drachen was like a general to an army. If she took the Drachen down, the other creatures of the Magie Wald would have to surrender.

Titania gleamed bright in the light of the flames that began to swirl around it. Ariella wasn’t going to hold back. And with that, she charged at the beast.


Sword and claws clashed many times in an epic battle, but I could see that Ariella was getting tired. She had to cut its head off otherwise she would not win. She landed back to the ground, breathing heavy from putting all her might into her swing. But she had no time to catch her breath; the Drachen was going to attack. She turned to face it, and mustered all the strength she had left. Then with a great leap, she jumped toward the Drachen. Before she could touch its thick hide, it pierced her through the gut with its claws.

Ariella had lost.


Ariella was thrown away by the Drachen, and with a hard hit, she landed on the ground before me. A great hole devoured the middle of her stomach. Her armor was cracked and now covered with her blood. I dropped down to my knees to try and stop the bleeding. I was not going to lose both my sisters, no way. I started to pull away the demolished chest plate, when Ariella grabbed my hand. I stopped dead and looked at her face. She had become very pale, and a trickle of blood was running down from her forehead into her left eye, from her right nostril, and from both corners of her mouth. I tried to shake her hand off, but she gripped me tighter.

“Acara… stop. It’s… no use.”

I stared my sister in the eyes, ready to tell her not to give up, but I couldn’t speak. She was right; there was no coming back from this kind of wound. But I couldn’t just give up, right? She’s my sister. I tried again to shake from her hold, but she had my wrist in a death grip.

“Just stop… and listen to me… for once.”

Every word she spoke, every breath she took, she coughed and blood poured down from the corners of her mouth.

“Listen to me, Acara. You have to save Mirivian. I know that you felt alone and isolated. I know the people feared you, but now you have to become their savior. Please save them. Save our home.”

“I can’t. I just can’t.”

“Please… Cara.”


Ariella’s heavy, liquid-filled breathing was all that we could hear for a few minutes. There was nothing else she could say; there was nothing that I needed to protect anymore. Mirivian was done.

“Then… make them… want you to… exist. Take Titania… and make… this country… your own. Lead it… into better… times. Make… this place… your home… Acara.”

Ariella’s breathing was getting shallower by the second. I didn’t want her to leave me. She couldn’t leave me too.

“YOU CAN’T DIE! You’re the Königin. The people need you; I need you. I’m- I’m sorry I don’t listen. I’m sorry I’m stubborn. I’m sorry for everything that I did, so just don’t go.”

A smile started to spread across Arie’s face. Her eyes were beginning to close.

“You’re… the Königin now… little sister. And… I know… you will make… a better one… then I would… have been. Don’t… let… me… down…”

As that last word escaped her lips, her hand fell off my wrist, her eyes closed and her breathing stopped. Ariella was gone.


I couldn’t hear anything after that, couldn’t feel anything, and couldn’t see anything. My whole body had shut down. I had nothing left. I couldn’t run a kingdom. No one would listen to me. Hell, no one would even look my way. My sisters died when it should have been me. But yet, I was still here. I was still alive.

So focused on my thoughts, I didn’t notice a soldier try and take Titania. His screams of pain pulled me out of my mind and back to the real. I turned to see him holding his hands that were smoking as if something burned them. I slowly crawled over to Titania and stared at the gold sword. It looked like nothing more than a plain old sword.

As I continued to look at Titania, I had the strongest urge to touch it. My hand, still covered with my sister’s blood, approached the sword at a snail’s pace. But as soon as my hand touched Titania, it glowed. The glow was strange, but I wasn’t afraid. I took Titania in my hand and slowly stood to my feet. As soon as I had good footing, Titania glowed so bright, I was blinded.

A white light enveloped Titania and me. It was warm and comforting, something I had never felt before.

“The prophecy has come to pass.”

This strange voice came from nowhere and made me jump out of my bliss. When I tried to open my eyes, Titania became even brighter, so I had to keep them closed.

Suddenly, I felt a burning sensation on my forehead. It was a dull pain, nothing I couldn’t handle, but why was I even feeling pain.

A few minutes passed and the burning vanished. I opened my eyes to see a crowd of Magie Wald creatures unable to approach me. With a quizzical expression, I looked down at myself to see what they were all staring at. My armor had transformed, changing from heavy and bulky, to light and form fitting. And the greens that painted it had changed into brilliant silvery-white, almost like the stars had come down to be worn by me.

As I trailed down, I looked to Titania and saw that its color had changed to match. But then I also felt something in my other hand. Another sword had appeared, so now I clasped two sword, one in each hand. I looked at both of them, unable to comprehend where one came from and what happened to me. Then I remembered the pain I felt earlier and pulled Titania up to my face. Using her to see my reflection, I looked to see that a symbol had been burned onto my forehead. And not just any symbol, the family crest. I had transformed into the image of a hero, but I didn’t have the time to think about it too much. A loud roar echoed across the Wiese, and I knew it was time to take revenge for my both my sisters’ deaths.

I faced toward the roar of the Drachen and saw it not to far off. It had seen my little light display and knew that it had a challenger. Taking Titania and her new sister, Tytania, I marched off to the deciding battle.


It was like any other duel between foes. The Drachen and I stood off. Its nostrils were blowing smoking, letting me know that it was ready to burn me to a crisp. But for some reason, I was not afraid. It took in a breath and blew hard, letting a blazing spray of fire, the same fire that destroyed the castle and killed my sister. Instinct took hold, and I put up Titania and Tytania in an X-shape in front of me. When the two touched, light radiated and surrounded me like a bubble, but had the consistency of steel, so the breath weaved around me. I didn’t even feel the heat. I wanted to know how I did that, but there was no time to question. I had to strike back. It’s my turn now.

When the fire died down, I readied Titania and Tytania. Raising them up above my head, I slowly crouched, getting momentum to leap. The Drachen saw that this strike was going to be my only, so it readied its claws, the claws that killed my sister. I couldn’t hold my rage in any more and leaped into the air. It didn’t even take a minute. The Drachens claws missed me completely, and I swung my swords diagonally from opposites sides, towards the middle, and decapitated it.

As the Drachens head rolled and the body fell to the ground, I rose up from my knee that I landed on, and looked out to see the Magie Wald creatures bowing down to me. I had killed their leader, which then made me the new one. I gained their respect, but what about the remaining soldiers. I made a circle with my eyes, and looked to the remaining humans. Their eyes still held scorn and loathing, but it also held acknowledgement. They could hate me till the day they depart from this world, but it wouldn’t change anything. They had to deal with the fact that I was the one who ended the war. I had become Königin. And now I had to stand, and prove to them that I had become their Retter[18].

[1] Three girls born with the power of the elements will come to be. There will be a major challenge and only one will succeed. All the powers will come to be with one, and she will be the savior of the Kingdom Mirivian.

[2] Queen

[3] Her Majesty

[4] Earth Barrier

[5] Ice Shield

[6] Magic Forest

[7] World Court

[8] Magic Forest Clan

[9] White

[10] Council

[11] Ruler

[12] Fairies and Elves

[13] Cyclops

[14] Fireball

[15] Devil Witch

[16] Snake

[17] Dragon

[18] Savior


Nolena Ard is a student at the University of Maryland, College Park studying English, German, and Creative Writing. In her spare time, she write her own novel, poetry, and music lyrics, sings, and plays softball.