ENGL 352 Portfolio: Spring 2015

Adeniyi Ajayi
A young boy struggles with learning that the the thing he’d been encouraged to love has the power to make him lose himself.

Geoff and Geossica
Daniel Arbelaez
“She wiped her recycled blood off of the chrome trackpad and clicked next episode.”

A couple of things you need to know
Clement Asiedu
“Since it seems as though you are set on this course and that nothing will dissuade you there are a couple of things you need to know about the city.’

“It’s good, but is it Cannon”
Colin Briber
Three young men smoke pot and get into trouble.

The Cure
Marissa Davila
“If there is one thing that I truly regret in my life, I think, it is living long enough to witness the end of love.”

Marisa Haber
“She felt his breath on the side of her cheek as he leaned in, careful not to touch her as he opened his lips to slip a secret into her ear.”

Elfadil Osman
A story about dealing with the grief  that accompanies loss

“The Purists”
Samuel Antezana
The story of Jonathan Rames and how he becomes a torture boss for a dark organization known as  the Purists.

“The Rise of the Savior”
Nolena Ard
Three princess with the power of the elements fight to save their kingdom, but only one can rule.

“To Be Relevant”
Rachel Askinasi
A story of scope and relativity.

Toeing the Line
Lisa Dammeyer
Carl is so close to achieving his lifelong dream, until one tiny problem gets in the way.

Korimobo Gbomene
“To get, you must lose. ọ na-abịa ga-akwụ. Any payment is still a payment.”

The Nixon-Reagan Line
Stephen Meyer
“But we communicated by blood, or blood pressure, to be more precise.”

Not Like LA
Joshua Tan
“. . . This was definitely what his mom meant by ‘weird'”.