“The Man in the Basement”

Poetry and Prose are the two gods and I can’t really differentiate between them. Sure I know an epic from a novel but extremes are easy in comparison and easier when my tenth grade english teacher (who was also my friends mom- we’re no longer friends) has had us deconstruct each over and over again. The poems that I have begun to read now and the prose that I am reading has bled together to form something that makes me feel certain ways and think certain things. This bleeding is evident in stories like this piece of flash fiction “The Man in the Basement”. It is flash fiction, so analysis or summary sort of defeats the purpose, but in under a thousand words I am able to feel so much for the character here. I also encourage anyone that reads this story and enjoys it, to read all of the other short stories on this website “Flash Fiction Online” that makes up for its name with very clever and good pieces of flash fiction. And you could be the next contributor. They are always accepting submissions and they are nice about feedback and response time. If you get a story published, it is also 60 dollars that they pay you. Not bad for a thousand words- one picture. The picture in the story underneath is of smoke and roaches and I think you all will like it. Plus it’ll take about 60 seconds to read.


Here’s the link: http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/the-man-in-the-basement/


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