Interview with David Foster Wallace

I am not a great David Foster Wallace fan, maybe, yet. I have not read many things by him and I don’t really think that I will ever read Infinite Jest because I don’t at this point want to for some reason. But more than the characters on the page that he creates I am interested in who he is as a person, and being a person that wrote a book that is said to be in the top 100 English language books since 1923, I think he is at the very least a person worth examining. When I went to his bio, I found little, but when I went to his interviews, I found a lot. I’m sure I would find a ridiculous amount in his books, but I have not been able to fit those years into my schedule. From my readings of this one interview that he did in “The review of Contemporary fiction” in 1993, I learned just how thoughtful and eloquent and knowledgable he was. The way he talks about society, the way that he speaks about literature lets you know how much this man has in his head; and that is all I ever hoped to glean from the interview. I know little about literature theory, I dont know jack about math, and my notions on society are narrow in scope and not fully formed but from this interview I saw what I could ever hope to be in terms of knowledge and control of language. I won’t understand all of the theories he has on literature for a while, but in my endevour to read about David Foster Wallace, that is never what I wanted to do. I wanted to see what someone so devoted to the craft thinks like, what they choose to speak about, and a little glimpse at the type of person they are. I highly recommend reading it and seeing what you take from the interview. What I took from it was a renewed sense of anticipation and excitement at honing craft and expanding knowledge, so I’d like to thank this interview.


Heres the link:


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