Reading Rec: “To Rise Again at a Decent Hour”

The Joshua Ferris story that we read in class “The Dinner Party” really piqued my interest in him as a writer, and I enjoyed how he dealt with these situations he set up. I read some more short stories by him. Then, in class, everyone was gushing about Joshua Ferris because he had recently done a reading at a Writer’s Here and Now event (I was not able to attend because I was at work, and also barely knew who Joshua Ferris was). Now my classmates, you all, were telling me all about this author and how confident and clear and interesting he was to listen to. I had to read more about him. I read his biographies and some interviews with him, and eventually decided to take the plunge and buy a book by him. The cheapest that I could find was “To Rise Again at a Decent Hour” so I ordered it on Amazon. I accidently had it mailed to my parents house and I couldn’t go to get it, so I panicked, wanting to read it and procrastinate, and I went to Mckeldin and took it out. I finished it in a week. You should read “To Rise Again at a Decent Hour”. It is a very human book, that tells the story of a dentist, who becomes embroiled in a clandestine and fringe religion that he doesn’t know exists. In the book, we are fully immersed in his head and it is just a fascinating look into religion, obsession and love. I really really enjoyed it, and I think you guys will too.


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