Random Plot Building

For me, when I want to write my problem is with plot. I have ideas for certain emotional issues, or political ideas, or situation that I want to explore, but I have no plotline to bring these characters out and make the piece a narrative. I have before relied on those rare moments of inspiration in class or at home that have given my fully fleshed out plots, but now that I am writing more, I feel that I need to have a more consistent format to follow when I want to write but I have no narrative. So I started using a random word generator.

A random word generator is a good name for what it does. The specific site that I am linking to here is even better than it’s name suggests because it gives you the choice of how many words you would like to randomly generate.

My method for using this creatively, is as follows: I will ask this website to conjure for me three different words. On one occasion this meant that I got the words train, brass, mime. Then I say the words over and over again in my head and see what comes to me. Then I write out sentences that have the three words in them as plot summaries. In this example I wrote out the story of a young father who is with his son at a train station and they are watching a mime perform. That’s two of the three. Then I wanted to figure out how brass fit it, and I thought of brass knuckles. So, the plot was that as the father and kid talked and admired the mime, a man would brandish brass knuckles and smash the mimes face in, destroying the kids innocence. That’s how the plot was made, and it has worked for me on various occasions.
Try it out! : http://creativitygames.net/random-word-generator


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