Creating Your Own World: Tips On World-Building

I found a useful video on that talks about the aspects of creating fictional worlds and how to make them believable to your audience. Author Kate Messner takes examples from “The Lord of The Rings,” “The Matrix” and “Harry Potter,” among other examples for high quality world building mechanics.

One of the important points made is to make sure the world you are creating is emphasized through the “physical and social” characteristics that you, as an author, have to be sure to have laid out for your readers. Messner talks about making your world logical and to make everything work how it would in our world, in a unique way of course.

She highlights the fact that a story is not devoid of realism because people are flying or wizards and witches wave wands around, everything can seem believable and within the realms of understanding as long as you put in the effort to create details that aid your story in coming to life.


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