Margaret Atwood’s Tips For Writing Fiction

Margaret Atwood, author of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which is the dystopian tale of a totalitarian Christian theocracy that has gotten rid of the U.S. government. Her novel focuses on a group of women known as “handmaids,” who are subjected to bear children for one of the leaders of the theocracy, he is known as “the commander.” If you haven’t gotten the chance to read this tale of the future, containing powerful commentary on the present, then I highly recommend it. Atwood makes her horrifyingly disturbing world come to life through her detailed description of the world, through the eyes of the heroine, Offred.

Besides Atwood’s novel, her tips on writing are fascinating because of the way she talks about the methods she uses when writing a book. She delves into the actual practice of beginning to write a story, with one of the most interesting pieces of advice being to carry around a notebook for whenever the writer gets those quick moments of inspiration, adding that “there is nothing worse than having that moment and finding that you are unable to set it down, except with a knife on your leg or something.”

Throughout the interview, Atwood emphasizes the importance of always writing down your ideas on whatever you can find and she recommends using sticky notes. I believe that this is effective because whenever I get moments of inspiration I write them in the notes section of my iPhone, so that I can revisit them later and expand upon them.


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