Freelance Writing Contests!

Getting your work published can be very challenging, especially when you’re still in college and most likely are only doing freelance writing. Freelance writing can allow you to work on other aspects of your life and work on your writing without being committed to a certain publication and the pressures that can hold. The downside is that as a freelance writer you have to look for jobs and stay committed to the hunt while writing and juggling other parts of your life like school. I found this website, and it has a lot of helpful material for freelance writers. One section that I found very exciting is its contests tab.

This page is simply lists and lists of different creative writing contests. The best part is that these contents require no entry fee, perfect for a near-broke college student, and if you win or get second prize you are rewarded with a large sum of money, again perfect for the near-broke college student. The different contests are cool because some of them require you to write about a certain topic or find inspiration in a word given. There are plenty to scavenge through and because there are no entry fees you can enter as many as you’d like and increase your chances of getting recognized or even winning a prize for your work. It’s important to enter these contests because learning to put your work out into the real world now will prepare you for the rejections you will inevitably get later in life when trying to get published. Also, if you win or get an honorable mention it is a great award to have on your resume to catch the attention of future employers or publishers.





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