Character Development

A quintessential aspect of almost every piece of fiction is character development. Characters can be hard to conceive of yet alone develop; but having a character that a reader can feel they understand or know to some degree is important because it keeps the reader interested. When developing a character you may want the reader to feel like they know every aspect of the character and make them easy to predict and understand or you may want the to have an air of mystery to them, regardless, it’s important that you as the author know the characters well so you would know what they would do in certain scenarios, what you choose to share with your readers is up to you. It can be overwhelming to develop many characters in depth, but it’ll allow you to be more confident in the choices you make throughout your short story. I searched around online for a guide to help writer’s develop their characters and I found one that includes 9 in-depth steps that will allow you to really get into the mind of the characters in your story. The author separated each step into the following categories: communication style, history, appearance, relationships, ambition, character defect, thoughts, everyman-ness, and restrictions. I hope you’ll give this link a read and try out answering all of these sections because they cover key aspects of characters and get you well acquainted with the people you’re creating!




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