George Saunders | Reading and Q&A


Attached is a video from one of George Saunders’s readings. He reads an excerpt from his new (at that time) book, Tenth of December, and then takes questions from people in the audience. They ask him about his influences and childhood background and how all of that made him produce the stories that he has. His way of thinking is very interesting and it is nice to see that as an author, he can acknowledge certain things about his works. For example, someone in the audience brings up the fact that Tenth of December reminds him of another story he had previously read. Instead of saying no way, my work is 100 percent unique and original, Saunders says that even while writing, he thought about that previous piece. He recognized that you cannot produce such an amazing piece if you draw no influence form anywhere else.

There are also links to ten of his other stories at the bottom of the web page.


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