The Time-Sweepers

The Time-Sweepers

In light of our many class conversations about story endings, I thought this short fiction piece was appropriate. There is no moral or lesson or general idea that the reader is supposed to take away from the words. Instead, it is just a telling story about a world of people that we do not recognize as existent. The only thing that the author wants the reader to leave with is an open mind. We should be open to the idea that the unknown can quite possibly exist, or at least recognize the fun in imagining that it can.

It plays with the thoughts that occupy our minds and childish fantasies. We have all dreamt up worlds that consist of little people running around doing things like filing our memories away in our brains, cleaning up the toothpaste you leave on the side of the sink, or even sweeping up lost time. This is something that is familiar to us yet seems so ridiculously fantastic. But, it works. The time sweepers are not characterized in such a way that would make it difficult for us to accept their truth. Instead, they are represented in a way that actually makes it seem very possible that they could, in fact exist.


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