Idea Generating

Sometimes we need a little help thinking of an idea from which to create a story. Luckily, we have the internet at our disposal, and there are plenty of tips abound.

One resource I found for idea generating, Creative Writing Now’s website, has a long list of buzz words and prompts that can ignite your inspiration, or give you direction. These are great for short stories or bits of flash-fiction, especially if you’re looking to write something quick as a warm-up exercise of a practicing of a new style.

But perhaps using a prompt list isn’t your style; perhaps you want the idea to be entirely your own. For this, I found a great article on Writer’s Digest titled “Inspiration for Writers: How to be More Creative.” It walks you through a few steps on how to be better at generating your own idea. It also addresses how thinking you have a writer’s block that you must overcome can hinder your creative process.

Personally, my best advice for generating ideas and inspiration is to pay attention in day to day life and whenever you see something interesting, jot it down on your phone or somewhere you’ll remember. Read newspaper articles and other people’s stories. This will get you thinking enough to have a list of ideas to work with!


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