Going on this week’s somewhat theme of writing things to submit, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to mention the University of Maryland’s own Stylus, a literary/art journal that the Writing House maintains.  This journal holds works from students all across campus, you don’t have to be part of the writing house to submit something!  I find this as a great opportunity to get your work out there.  Whether this work is a short story piece, a poem, or a work of art that you’ve been working on, it’s all valuable work, and should be displayed as such.

Stylus isn’t just a journal to get your work published, it’s also another way you can read your fellow Maryland peers’ works.  There are many writers, and they aren’t necessarily exclusively English Majors.  Reading stories submitted by those of many different backgrounds allows us to grow as readers/writers.

The process of applying isn’t difficult.  The deadline is the end of January on the year that you wish your work to be published.  For example, the 2016 edition of Stylus would have a deadline of January 31st, 2016.  I highly encourage you guys to submit your work.  Who knows, your work could be taught at an English workshop in the future, and this could be the first stepping stone!

Linked at the bottom are the Stylus submission page, as well as the link for previous digital copies of the Stylus.


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