Stephen King on What Inspires Him

Stephen King is by far one of the most prolific authors of fiction in American history.  His influence does not only span literature, but it also spans film, as many of his stories were adapted for the silver screen.  As an intermediate workshop in fiction, it’s fairly obvious to say that we have an interest in writing, whether it be for a professions, or as a hobby.  To hone this craft, wouldn’t it be wise to heed advice given by such a prolific author?

Stephen King was invited to a Q and A at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where he answered as questions from a room of aspiring writers such as ourselves, and avid readers.  In this Q and A session, Stephen King delves into his writing process by using several examples of work that he has already done, or is in the process of finishing.  One method that Stephen King has in finding inspiration is by watching the local news of places that he visits.  He takes inspiration from random events that may have occurred.

There is much more to be seen in this Q and A.  I know you guys will enjoy this, because Stephen King is a very personable author, and has a great sense of humor.  But don’t forget to take note in what advice he dolls out, it’s pretty good!


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