Describli Fun!

As writers, we all know the trouble of “writer’s block”.  I for one have suffered from this many times.  There may be times where you’ll be stuck on your piece for god knows how long, and have no idea how to get out of this slump.  I for one have a simple solution, although it may not necessarily work for you, I hope you’ll try it out in the near future.

One day on twitter I ended seeing a recommended user to follow.  The user is Describli, which ended up following because it sounded like it had something to do with literature.  The twitter page itself was really useful, and found myself going on the company’s actual site.  The website posts daily prompts, both from the community and the company itself.  With these prompts, community users can share their stories and get feedback.  When I get writer’s block for one of my stories, I end up using Describli to find another thing to write about, just to get the creative juices flowing.

One way that I find Describli really useful is the rating system/reader feedback that it provides.  Your Scribs (short stories/responses to prompts) are read by the community, and people can respond with critiques, comments, concerns.  This is like a more universal version of our own workshop.  Even if you don’t have current work that you need proofread, it’s nice just to go on the page itself and read what other aspiring writers have.  I hope this site is useful for everyone, and I hope to see Scribs from you guys in the future!


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