Let’s Talk More About The ‘Short Story Form’

“What I love about stories is that you can begin with an image, a feeling, or a phrase and see where it leads you. It’s a journey without a map. With a novel, although you will encounter surprises along the way, you need a clearer sense of structure and story from the outset “- Dawn Raffel

I’m writing this post as a reply/ addition to Lisa’s post here as I found it really helpful in my understanding of short stories. Personally, when it comes to writing short stories, I find the writing process a bit dreadful! It’s always a question of how do I say enough within reasonable¬†scope without writing a novel or being too vague.

This Huffington Post article is a series of interviews with writers who discuss ‘the short story form’.

What I like about this article is that you get to see writers who have written collections of short stories as well as novels tell you about their process and what they think embodies the essence of a short story.

My biggest takeaway seems to be that effective short stories tend to detail a specific moment or conflict where every word has an impact. Whereas, novels don’t need that much word economy and you can have various scenes which in turn build your characters and make your audience invest in your book/characters.

In the end, this is creative writing and not science! There are no set rules on writing but I hope you find these authors’ thoughts and processes as inspirational as I do!


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