Where do you write?

Where do you write? It is one of the main questions that Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft addresses in his essay “Writing in Cafes: A Personal History”. In the essay, Wurgaft explains his own love of cafes and how he enjoys writing in them. It is something he inherited from his mother and he cites the smell, the history, and the overall atmosphere as aspects that inspire him. In contrast, he describes a friend who prefers to write in places of transition, such as airports or train stations. These transitional spaces tend to offer more creative inspiration, he argues.

Where do you write? As college students, it is probably pretty hard for most of us to hop on a train anytime we want to write, but there are definitely different places to choose from even just on campus. Do you prefer sitting in a cafe like Wurgaft? Or do you go to the library? Maybe you enjoy sitting on the mall, surrounded by trees and people walking around. Or maybe you like to cozy up in your bed. Wherever you are writing, I challenge you to think about what that place brings to your writing experience. Does it inspire you? Comfort you? Distract you? Maybe one day, if you’re feeling adventurous, mix up where you do your writing. You never know where it could take your story.

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One thought on “Where do you write?

  1. Lisa, this is a great question, and something writers who are interested in developing consistent habits should definitely spend some time answering for themselves. What works best for you? Some writers are famous for writing in bed. One famous writer–whose name escapes me now–rented a room in the basement of his building and would take the elevator down as if he were going into an office every day. Try different thinks out so you can determine your own preferences and rhythms and work out what system you need to maintain in order to get words on the page. — CCHJ


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